Contos & Café, loosely translated to Tales & Coffee (which in my mind was Tales over coffee), is a concept born years ago – seems ages – when I was still in Johannesburg, working at an Import/Export company. I spoke then of opening my language school that had a different concept, that of reading to learn and having a snack while doing it. Isn’t it yummy?

It was until, the language school never took off, but the idea fermented still in the back of my mind. Work took precedence and growing professionally and gathering experience became priority. Even then, the idea never quieted in my subconscious and the project screamed to be born in 2020!

After much ado about how to get off and started, even doubting the validity of the idea, now, voilá!

Still very much steeped in the same vein of reading and learning, speaking and learning, thinking and learning, in your own comfort zone, Contos & Café has resurrected in the form of an online forum, where all learners will be able to come together and experience language, creativity, critical thinking, culture, and best of all, personal growth.

So, without further ado – welcome to Contos & Café!


Whenever, Wherever.

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When you work with Contos & Café, you’ll be served by our highly experienced teacher, who is invested in engaging you in learning your language of choice - English and Portuguese. To find out more about Learning these two Languages with me, read more.

The option of online classes allows you to learn any of the languages offered from the comfort of your favourite place.  The sessions are presented with a combination of different tools; Skype/Zoom live sessions, google classroom Apps and others as the teacher prefers to better deliver the chosen content. Most online classes are individual, but groups can be formed for family-unit learners, or individuals wishing to learn in a group.  

Make contact to find out if there are group classes available or in the works.

The world of online education is in constant evolution - as is the world - so engagement methods might vary or change accordingly, in an attempt to liven the engagement and interaction between the learners and the teacher.

The use of Google Apps such as docs, slides and forms simulate a live classroom keeping learners and the teacher focused in the moment (Synchronous learning). 

The website and the Instagram page allow for further interaction without the presence of the teacher but still providing guidance through the learning process at the learner’s own pace and comfort (asynchronous learning). For this, there are the discussion forums, the blog, and the conversations. I am sure many more will still come as we grow and get to know our audience more.

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When you decide to work with Contos & Café, you also get to choose the area of English you need or would like to concentrate on. Some of us need to work with the language for different reasons, often for work, so we can get that promotion, carry out that task better (because guess what? It requires English!), do not miss out on those training perks abroad, or as might be the case for the future, online!
It could be even, just because you like the language, already speak it but would really want to be able to converse better when using it in a professional setting. 
Alas, it may even be for the TOEFL exams so that you can that opportunity to further your studies in an international university. 
Always expect a dose of critical thinking or thinking and a lot of interactive questions, as is expected from the students – it’s the process!


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Do you know your English level? What about your TOEFL readiness? Empower yourself by starting with the placement test.

Knowing is a confidence booster!

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